Friday, 23 of March of 2018

Professional Associates

Norm Benn, C.E.T

Norm has more than 50 years experience in the Elevating Devices Industry. He has worked in the installation and maintenance of elevators in the United Kingdom, West Africa and North America. He has been the Chief Inspector, Elevating Devices Branch, Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. As a member of the Provincial Chief Elevators Inspectors Association, he was Chair of the Elevating Devices Advisory Council, CSA (Canada Standards Association). In that role he developed national and various CSA codes relating to the industry. Mr. Benn currently provides Technical and Educational support to the Elevating Devices Industry.

Geetram (Geet) Ramsamooj – B.Sc. M.Sc. (Safety) CRSP

Geet is a Safety Professional and Trainer in Health and Safety and Organizational Behaviour with over 30 years experience including elevating devices, off-shore oil and gas, manufacturing and education. He is a smart-ISO coordinated management system (CMS) Lead Auditor Instructor.

Geet has worked as a consultant in Canada and other countries assisting companies in developing HSE management programs since 1984. He has conducted HSE Audits based on international standards and developed and implement safety programs for manufacturing, pulp and paper, mining, hospitals, law enforcement, school boards, colleges and contractors. He has also developed many programs, procedures and training courses with management and associations, federations and unions.

Jim Cox C.E.T.

Jim is an Elevator Mechanic with an A certificate. He has been in the elevator industry for 40 years.  He has worked on installation and maintenance of elevating devices throughout the Province of Ontario.

He was an inspector with the Elevating Devices Branch, Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, responsible for administering the Elevating Devices Act and Regulations and all applicable codes.

Jim is now a private consultant in the elevator industry writing job specifications, maintenance contracts and overseeing major alterations and renovations.

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor was an electrician in the Steel Company of Canada in Hamilton for 4 years prior to joining the elevator/escalator business in 1960 and worked in the field until 1978 doing Construction, Service and Maintenance on elevators and escalators with Turnbull, Otis and Montgomery.

In 1979 he was promoted to manager of Montgomery’s Hamilton Branch from and there he was moved to Toronto as Branch Manager and then to Eastern Elevator in Halifax as President.

Following a 3 year term in Halifax he subsequently was in charge of National Parts Sales and later was Manager of Escalator Modernization.

He was very involved with TTC in rebuilding the approx 200 Montgomery HR Escalators using original parts. He retired in 2006.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is an Elevator Mechanic with an A certificate. He served for 12 years in the Royal Navy and was Petty Officer Marine Engineering Mechanic. His competencies are Steam/Diesel engines.

Having migrated to Canada 1973, he has been in the elevator industry until his retirement in 2010. He has worked as a mechanic/adjuster/supervisor and had his own elevator company.

He was a member of the Elevator Advisory Committee, CECA and NEEA

He has tremendous knowledge of all elevator devices from relay logic to the most sophisticated microprocessor controls of today.

Doug Lillycrop

Doug Lillycrop is an Elevator Mechanic with an A certificate. He has been in the elevator industry for more than 45 years. He began his career in elevators by assembling and wiring controllers for Otis and then as a helper, mechanic and foreman mechanic for Dover Turnbull and Kone Elevator companies. During that period, he worked on escalators, hydraulic and traction elevator maintenance, servicing both AC and  DC machines. The then became construction supervisor followed by Branch Manager (Hamilton) for Kone Elevators.

He retired in 2001 and since 2007, Doug has been working as a construction superintendent and mechanic for Southwestern Elevators.

Mr. Ronald Angus BA. CRSP. CRM

Mr. Angus is a Safety Professional currently developing programs and conducting training. He had worked as the Director of Risk Management Services at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Assistant Director to Public Safety at the University of Georgia and General Manager for College University and Schools Safety Council of Ontario (CUSSCO).

Ron began his activities with the Campus Safety Association (CSHEMA) in 1983 and served through all of the chairs beginning as member-at-large in 1984.  Since CSHEMA became a division of National Safety Council (NSC), Ron has served on the NSC Board of Governors and on the NSC Press Editorial Advisory Board. He has published many papers and has presented many workshops in international conferences on safety related topics. He is an instructor for the ‘Health and Safety Course for Managers and Supervisors’ for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and was a Part-time instructor for Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology.   He is a recipient of National Safety Council’s highest individual award – the Distinguished Service to Safety Award.

Mr. Wayne L. Vollick, B.E.Sc., M.E.Sc., P. Eng

Mr. Vollick has been a Safety Professional for the past 30 years, with experience in Manufacturing; including Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical and Electrical Industries, Government and a Continuing Education Professor at Humber College in Metallurgy, Production and Productivity, and Health, Safety and Environment.

Wayne has developed and implemented Health, Safety and Environmental programs for many organizations.

As a Professional Engineer, Wayne has developed expertise in a broad cross section of industrial practices, including Mechanical Systems, Material Science, Environment, Chemical and Biochemical Technologies.